Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recommendations to buy

Purchase the UN members referred to in the site is a common practice. PTC sites have a lot of members that have not signed anyone under, or referring to close their accounts. The members later sold. You can buy with prices generally ranging from $ 1 - $ 2 per referral. In most cases, you only get one member who has been active recently.
Referral is the easiest method to get, all you have to do is pay for them and the rest is done for you. There is huge earning potential. As your downline grows, your income grows rapidly.
There is only one condition: Most of the sites is not guaranteed to the members that you buy will be activated after you buy it. You can pay for 50 referrals a week later, only to see that 10 of them rarely or never click. So basically, it is "your own risk" method to get references.
Important note: You do not have to buy referrals from sites that you do not really think so. No word spread in the PTC that some fraudulent sites that sell automated robots (clickers) as references. If this happens, click bot will set minimum or stopped. Always be careful when investing your own money in PTC sites. Please remember that, do not want to be fooled!
In addition, you must do the math. When you buy a reference, you should be able to make money in up to two months. Consider how much you make outside referrals, and many sites are ads every day. Just buy a referee at the site where it is to start making a profit after two months.
Tips and suggestions to maximize the benefits paid in the industry-to-Click
If you are new to the PTC, or if he has been in a while and not maximize your profit, the following tips may help:
The basic concept is really very simple. Just access this program (which only takes a few minutes and a valid email address) and start clicking on the ads. With an average of 1 cent per click, the money increases. There is nothing for you to pay unless you choose to upgrade or buy referrals.
Just keep watching ads and when payment is reached (varies by location, the average is about $ 10) you can get your check, either by mail or through Paypal or AlertPay, safe and secure!
Now, pay sites, but if you really want to increase your income, is the secret .... shhhh ... Referrals. Pennies finally gt to charge, but the best way to get there is actually to get referrals. You refer to the local people, and then make money from what they do, most sites offer $ 0.01 for each click of reference, so that you get a referral twice as fast. If they see someone, do more, usually several levels deep. At this point, your referrals make money for you.
So how do you get referrals? That was easy! Reference Site! These sites are designed to make your landing. How does it work? It's pretty simple ... You look at the site, and others see it as gifts. Your site get exposure so you can get a referral.
If you are interested in getting referrals for your PTC sites, see reference reliable website above, or click here for a more detailed explanation of how to get referrals.
So, you've been at it Been Awhile ...
You may be ready for revenge ...
Once you have been a member for a while and see for yourself that you do not pay, you might consider upgrading your membership or buying referrals.
Renew your membership:
Most PTC sites offer a premium membership (may be called something different, however, as gold). Premium Membership has many benefits: increased number of pay per click, increase the amount you earn from your referral clicks, and even increase the number of clicks available to you.
Updates can more than double their income, and it is often very expensive. For example, my favorite PTC, DailyClicks, improve members for $ 12! Well worth the money.
Buy Referrals:
Most sites offer one-set members that you can add to your downline for a price. This price varies, but is usually well worth it.
You should be aware that the site does not guarantee that members will remain active. Be active at the time of purchase, but most sites do not replace those that become inactive.
This can increase your income by hundreds, because their references to get it for you.
It is important to ensure that the site is legitimate before making a purchase with their own money, as some sites offer a refund or replacement of inactive references
If you want to buy referrals or Premium subscription, but not sure you should trust the site, most sites allow you to buy things with their income. Until you are unsure, simply get a reference to the old way - traffic exchanges!
For people who do not know this yet, PTR and PTC sites are the same PTR means "paid to read" and the PTC "pay per click". These sites are very popular on the Internet in recent years. They give people the chance to win real money with him.
But there are many places that you can only unite all, and we want the quality of PTC / PTR sites that are not blurry after a few months with the money that people have clicked. I joined a bunch of these sites and sometimes I find that some sites simply do not get paid. Luckily there is a site to pay more to scam people.
It is always good to join the many PTC / PTR. For me there are just the best way to save money for gifts and exit. Always click on them while I'm chatting or surfing the Internet so that I almost did not see anything about them.
As I said "A great way to earn extra money without having to do almost every effort to do so and without realizing, in my case"
I am currently writing some reviews about PTC sites, but due to lack of time I could only write some positive comments on some of the PTC / PTR better. If you join a site, then I really recommend that you take a look at my little blog that will grow over time. This will give you information as much as possible.

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